Saturday, March 3, 2012

Situps, upside down, planks


Buy in:
1:00 happy baby
1:00 pigeon pose
1:00 hamstring flossing
1:00 foam roll lats
1:00 tricep mash


Deadlift 115X10
You can break between reps if needed.

Went fine. All reps, unbroken.


25 sit ups
Tabatta plank hold
50 sit ups
Tabatta handstand hold
50 sit ups
Tabatta plank hod
25 sit ups

Full eight round tabatta’s


Didn't break any of the plank rounds...the tabata handstand rounds...near the end I was falling off the wall to avoid breaking my neck a couple times.....

Cash out:
1:00 tricep mash
1:00 cobra pose

10 Bulgarian split squats each leg.
Focus on getting your lead leg as far as possible from the box and sitting back on the hamstring so the shin is vertical.

These kinda light up the backside...

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