Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shoulder press; one sided bear...

Buy in:
Accumulate 15 minutes on a lacrosse ball digging in areas of your choice then
1:00 happy baby
1:00 triangle pose
1:00 cobra pose
1:00 barbell tricep mash

Emom for 6 minutes
Shoulder press 85X2

Amrap in 9 minutes
3 one arm dumbbell deadlifts
3 one arm dumbbell hang power cleans
3 one arm dumbbell front squats
3 one arm dumbbell any way overheads

Six rounds plus R arm, 7 rounds in 9:30

Use a 35# dumbbell, this wod is meant to be short and heavy, count a
round after both arms have gone through the complex a full time.

Max L sit, each round subtract the number of seconds your hold was
from 30 and do the remaining number in repetitions of knees to elbows
(eg. 14 second hold= 16 knees to elbows)

did 25/5 and 20/10

Cash out:
1:00 barbell tricep mash
2:00 foam rolling area of choice
1:00 happy baby

Didn't get to the bold stuff as I got up at 5 to do this today and had to get to work (we're having a company dinner after work and didn't want to miss the wod)

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