Thursday, January 7, 2010

power cleans and fun stuff

Power cleans

1x165 F

That was just wrong. My 1rm is 175. 165 should gone up fine. Somehow I lost me nerve getting under it. I'd get it up fine but couldn't close the deal.


5 deadlifts @ 200
5 each arm db snatch (started at 35 . . . that was mistake, dropped to 25 when I couldn't get keep it stabilized overhead)


That was completely pathetic. Hmm. Not doing deadlifts, makes deadlifts harder, not easier. Well, that hypothesis tested out just fine.

the 35s were good till round 3 but very slow. I was fine with this being a heavier slower wod, after yesterday's burnfest, but still. I had been practicing the db snatch, but not at speed so the wobbles got really pronounced.

Also Armstong pullup day 4 week 1

As many "training sets" as you can do with 60 seconds rest. Do training sets until you can't anymore.

Tried training sets of 2, since Weds., 9 sets at 1 were perfect, and the advise was to go to a higher training set and see if you can get 9 sets. I got 25 before thinking, I might wear out by 10 pm. Next week is 3 per training set. That I know won't get 25 sets.

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